Sunday, March 29, 2009

Considering Cloth

I'm considering switching Baby J over to cloth diapers and using cloth once the new baby arrives. My arguments are:

1. Baby J has a really sensitive bottom. He doesn't really get too many rashes, but he gets really dry and is scratching the second his diaper comes off. Cloth is all around better for baby bottoms and I think that the lack of chemicals might solve some of Baby J's skin issues.

2. We would save a considerable amount of money after the initial investment, provided I don't go crazy buying too many of the adorable all in ones or accessories.

3. We would dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, especially after bean arrives.

4. They are just so darn cute. We would probably end up using tri-folds and covers, but there's so many adorable (and incredibly convenient) options out there like bumgenius that go on just like disposibles - no folding or fussing!

I don't think daycare will use cloth - but these may be our best option.

Scott is not convinced yet, but I'll keep working on him.


  1. I'm all about cloth! (I guess easy enough to say since I don't have a baby of my own yet.) But, good for you to consider exploring the options.

  2. Definitely feels like the right thing to do. I'm sure it will be more work in the form of more laundry, but seems worth it.

  3. your blog is precious!! i love it. I've wanted to try cloth for ages but haven't been brave enough-good luck-maybe you'll inspire me!

  4. Allison--

    Yours is adorable, too. I know you sent a link a while ago, but I lost track of it in my inbox (like too many other things!). I will bookmark it now, but I hope we don't need to use the blogs though to keep up on what the boys are up to ;) I still have a lot of research to do on cloth (and convincing Scott), but I'll let you know what we end up doing. Hope we can get together soon!!!

  5. Aw Heather....

    Coming into the computer age along with the dogs....wonderful. I love the idea of a blog and of course the idea of cloth diapers is a good one..... but what to do about daycare? Then, I assume, you must use disposable.

    We leave Florida tomorrow morning. We have not packed yet but we are working on it today. We bought a bunch of stuff to leave down here and there is a lot that the people we bought it from are leaving for us. Originally they weren't leaving anyhing but now one or both are flying home so not a whole lot can go with them.

    I will be anxious to see the new pictures.....I just haven't looked yet. The only internet we have right now is at the computer room at the activity building...and we can't be here all day either.

    Can't wait to see Parker once we get exciting that he is walking by himself now.....he must be so proud of himself. Of course you and Scott must be proud as well.

    Well, gotta go....we will talk to you when we get back.


  6. HI Heather-

    You don't know me... I'm a friend of scott's going so far back I can see that your little dude looks JUST like him! I found your blog snooping around his facebook profile.

    Anyway, just wanted to chime in on the cloth front from experience. we have 3 kiddos (7,3, and 15 months). Our 2 youngest have used cloth.

    Here's the good: save money for sure. i HATE buying diapers. And they are in them FOREVER cause the technology is so good. When the kids pee in a cloth they KNOW it and want out. Our daughter was into underwear at 2.

    clean up really isnt so bad. we have one of those squirter attachment for a toilet - so its one quick hose down then into the pail. 2 loads on sanitary a week and things move smoothly enough.

    about the worst thing is how goofy the kids look in them when you put pants over top. Their butts look HUGE. i'm talking basketball in their pants huge.

    my wife is waaay into it, so if you have any brand specific questions, i can put her in touch with you. she's tried them all. and the ones she didnt like she was able to sell - so that was cool.

    anyway, tell scottie i said hi - and best of luck with kiddo #2. Adding another to the mix really isn't that hard :)