Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rough night, day, night

Something is going on with little boy. My best guess is teeth (he's drooling so much that he soaks his clothes as soon as I put them on) or ears (again!). Last night, he was up at midnight for about 40 minutes. Then, he woke again at 3 and threw a fit for over an hour until Husband caved and went in and cuddled Baby J since we knew that he wouldn't sleep at daycare. He slept on Husband until 5:30 when I went in and took over so
husband could shower. Then, Husband took over at 6:30 so I could get dressed and dry my hair. He would not let us lay him down. We had to wake him at 7 to leave.

Today, he ate his solids at daycare but drank a total of 4 ounces of liquid all day long, which is actually pretty good for him when he's forced to drink from a bottle or cup. He finally seems to be taking to the bottle now that it's time to take the bottle away. He slept a total of 30 minutes all day.

Tonight, he absolutely refused to eat dinner so it was off to bath and bed. He fell asleep almost immediately but woke up inconsolable 30 minutes later. He is now in a motrin coma and we're hoping it lasts a long time! All three of us are exhausted tonight and really need some sleep. G'night!

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