Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Snippits

We had a pretty laid-back weekend. Yesterday, I had mommy time - yoga and Whole Foods by myself. Thank you, dear husband! Then, spent the afternoon snuggled in bed with Bean while he napped. <3

After nap and dinner, we went out to run some errands and for the first time ever, we allowed Baby J to wear big boy underpants out of the house. We were so proud, just as he was, that he managed to avoid any accidents - even while he was super distracted and overstimulated playing at the indoor mall playground.

We decided to try it again today on our Costco run and had success again! He seems to have #1 under control - now we just need to work on the other...

Tomorrow is the start of a long string of specialist appointments for Bean since receiving his diagnosis.

Side note: I'm working on a post about what it was like getting the dx, what it means for him and also for our family but it still needs some work.

Anyway, we have a follow up with the neurologist tomorrow. It should be a pretty straight forward appointment. Hypotonia- yep! Developmental delays - yep! Seizures - nope! I'll be curious to see the frequency of future follow ups and also if he'll want a repeat MRI down the road. I'm hoping that we won't have to do that for a while, though because Bean requires general anesthesia for the procedure and anesthesia is pretty risky for people affected by Williams Syndrome.

I'm also expecting a call back from his GI. His night reflux is flaring pretty badly. His meds are pretty much maxed out so I think he'll want to see Bean this week to figure out what's going on and talk next steps.

My mom came for a visit today and will stay until Monday or Tuesday. The kids were so excited and showed off all their new tricks. She'll stay with Baby J tomorrow morning while Bean and I are at Children's.

See? Pretty laid-back weekend. Pretty good weekend.

Oh, and I have to say... Yay for the #1 seed! Let's go Pitt!

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