Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Antibiotics and Imagination

After I got the last little bit of medicine in to Bean on Sunday evening, his croup started to improve. He is still coughing. A lot. But it sounds different. Less, well, croupy. You can hear stuff moving around in there. It's pretty gross sounding and it hurts him. Every time he coughs, he cries and then the crying makes the cough worse. I feel so bad for him. There's nothing to really give to him to help him feel better other than saline and lots of steam/humidifiers. I can actually feel each cough right along with him. 

When he woke up this morning, he was really lethargic and incredibly fussy. My mother was here and he wouldn't go to her. That's how I knew he felt really sick. He just laid across my chest and cried. So, another trip to the pediatrician was in order.

The doctor thinks that Bean is running head first in to a sinus infection. So, he wrote us a prescription for an antibiotic. Bean's tummy doesn't handle antibiotics well at all so the doctor and I agreed to wait a day or two to see if he gets better on his own. If not, we'll start the antibiotic and hopefully have him feeling much better by Easter. This way though, I have the rx so that we don't have to go back again.

Baby J stayed home with Nani and dyed some Easter eggs. This was the second time in three days. This is his newest favorite thing to do and he is asking, repeatedly, to dye more eggs. Here's some pictures from Sunday:

He doesn't quite get that he needs to be gentle with the eggs and he broke a few but most managed to survive the encounter with Baby J. He was so proud of himself when he was done.

He held up a pink egg and announced, "there's a bunny in there!" Where did that come from?!?!

Thank goodness, he's an imaginative little boy. We've had to stay inside for the most part because Bean has been so miserable and the weather has been even worse. We are trying to find different ways to keep him occupied. Dying Easter eggs was a great activity. I've also been giving him some opportunities to play in water - one of his favorite past-times. But one new thing that he has been enjoying is Zumba. 

It's not my thing at all, but the last time my mother came to visit, she brought her DVD. He loved it and he's been begging to watch the infomercials ever since. He's been stepping front, back, side-to-side all over the house.  Last night, he learned how to do a little wiggle, shimmy thing. It's really cute and it's keeping him active and entertained. That's a good thing! Hopefully, it will continue to hold his interest, but I'm sure I'll have to get creative tomorrow and come up with some new ideas to keep him entertained. If you have any, let me know!

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