Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He's Back!

Bean is a different baby today. Yes, he still has a cough. Yes, he still sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes without clearing his throat first. Yes, he still draining straight up yuck out of his nose. But...but, but, but...

He's Back. He's got that twinkle in his eye and bounce in his step crawl. And he's just been beaming smiles at me all day long. We haven't started the antibiotic yet and we will (obviously!) continue to hold off for as long as he acts like he's feeling better.

We cancelled most of his therapy sessions this week and I'm sure the rest helped him recover. I know it was good for me.

Bean's turn-around really started last night. He hadn't eaten anything other than coconut milk yogurt since Saturday. And it showed on the scale yesterday at the doctor's office. He had lost more than half a pound since Saturday (same scale) and losing weight is just not a good thing for him. So, imagine my delight when he ate dinner last night! He didn't eat a huge amount, but he ate enough.

Then, while he was playing with Husband, he started practicing his walking skills again. He was covering 2-3 feet stretches of floor - this is the longest distance he has ever walked!

But my favorite event of the evening occurred at bed time snack. He ate 3/4 of a banana (!) and some yogurt, but that's beside the point. My little stinker has figured out how to stand up in his high chair. He thinks it's hilarious and ignores all of my attempts to keep him seated. I kept repeating, "Please sit in your chair. No boo boo's." And out of no where, he started saying "boo boo" over and over. He was very pleased with himself and it was music to my ears. He is very delayed in expressive language and imitation (and repetition!) is a huge step forward for him. I am so proud and I'm giving him every opportunity to practice his new skill.

The night continued to go well. He slept better than usual. He only woke up two or three times through the night.

So we were well rested this morning and put on a yoga video - something to entertain Baby J and help him expend some energy. I didn't get a great workout because I had both kids climbing all over me. It was worth it, though because they had so much fun! Baby J cried to do the video again!

Bean has been happy and playful all day. He still has a ways to go before he's "all better" but I'm so, so happy that he's back and better than ever!

I also wanted to mention that Williams Syndrome awareness month is almost here. Our family is participating in the annual Pittsburgh Walk for Williams on May 21 in North Park. We would love for you to join us. If you can make it, please register here (for a discount) in advance. If you are unable to join us, please consider a contribution in honor of our sweet Bean. Honorary gifts can be made here.


  1. Im glad Baby Bean is starting to get that twinkle back. I remember when Skylar was that age, and younger, she would always get the worst cough, she had to be on breathing treatments, and we had to get the humidifier whole deal. And eventually around 2 it just went away! I have no idea. But I happy to hear he is doing well, I hope he is back to her regular self soon!

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I hope that Sky is fully recovered after her tummy bug last week!

  3. I love this age. Every day a new discovery, new words, new excitement. Glad to read he's feeling better.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Meryl! He's my little doll baby!