Tuesday, April 26, 2011


One of the hallmark characteristics of individuals affected by Williams Syndrome (WS) is a highly social personality. This past weekend, Bean was surrounded by family and friends and Husband and I had the opportunity to really see Bean's sweet personality in bloom.

If you would have asked me a year ago about his demeanor, I would have told you that he fussed constantly. He was unhappy 22 of 24 hours in a day. He wanted me constantly, and though he wasn't really afraid of anyone, he would only settle for me.

Over time, we started to see small signs of his emerging personality. He never demonstrated "stranger danger." He was (and is) more interested in people than toys. And now, he's ok if I leave his line of sight as long as he has someone else to give him attention.

His desire for interpersonal relationships is so strong now that his feelings are obviously hurt if you don't greet him, hold him and talk to him within seconds of him laying eyes on you. Just last week, a neighbor stopped by to let us know that a light was on in my car. She was only at the door for a second and didn't directly greet Bean. The end result was a weeping toddler.

So, imagine Bean's satisfaction this past weekend when he was around so many loved ones that wanted nothing more than to lavish him with attention. Don't get me wrong, Baby J also enjoyed the attention, but Bean's need is so much more intense.

He spent the weekend going from Nani to Pappy to Uncle Andrew to Great Nani to Pop Pop to various great aunts and uncles to cousins and friends. He charmed them with smiles and grins and trills and clicks.

We even had the opportunity to meet one of my mother's friends and her son, Joey - a young adult with WS. Joey was an absolute joy to meet and Bean was drawn to him in a way that was simply amazing. Joey, however, was more interested in getting to know my adorable (female) cousin. I can't blame him. She's a doll. But Bean was persistent and he did eventually get a quick snuggle from Joey.

This weekend was Bean's first time around so many people since turning the corner from the extreme irritability. It was just amazing to see this sweet little boy in action. He was beautiful. And charming. He was sincere. And intense. He was joyful and he lit up the room.


  1. He sounds like my kind of people! (Disclaimer: This should not in any way be construed as a statement that I am any or all of those wonderful things for significant portions of time.)

  2. Just wait... the personality can be such a joy as they get older! (And a tad more challenging!) Clare is now six and so social and loves to talk to everyone she meets. You'll start having crazy rules like "You can say hello but not hello, guy." :) Bean is a cutie!

  3. Thanks, Teresa! I'm so looking forward to seeing his personality grow over time. These kids are such joys to be around!