Saturday, April 16, 2011

When it rains...

Earlier this week, we got a taste of spring. Thursday was a beautiful day. It was in the high 60s, so the boys and I went for a nice, long afternoon walk. Baby J recently decided that he's too grown up for the stroller so we took the single stroller and he "helped" me push.

When we got back, I brought the basketball hoop outside so he could practice his shot until husband got home. He had a blast!

Bean enjoyed exploring the yard.

Unfortunately, though, the weather didn't carry through to this weekend. It's been rainy and cold. Baby J has a touch of cabin fever and Bean is sick, sick, sick. He does not have the same stomach virus that Baby J had earlier in the week. He started with a new cold on Wed/Thurs. His nose dried up but then his symptoms changed and he got much worse last night. He couldn't sleep at all. He had a relentless chest cough and was making wheezing-like sounds and you can throw in a reflux flare for good measure.

I called the doctor's office this morning and they said to bring him in. Yes, they have Saturday (and Sunday) hours. That's one of the many reasons that Kids Plus is so awesome. It turns out that he has a croupy cough so the PA (he's awesome, too) rx'd a steroid. He said that we should wait a day to start it to see if he starts getting better on his own. I'm fine with waiting because the med can cause insomnia and stomach ache...the two biggest struggles we already face with Bean. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll escape giving it to him in the morning, though. He had a horrible time trying to nap this afternoon and he's a mess tonight. He's so tired but just can't manage to sleep. I'll be counting the minutes until breakfast tomorrow when I can give him the rx. I would do it tonight, but he has to take it with food...

I am so ready for this cold, rainy weather to be over, and the colds and flus that go along with it. And I'm looking forward to more days like Thursday when we can spend our days frolicking in the sun cold-free, cough-free. 


  1. Oh, I so feel you! The sunny days on Thursday and friday were so glorious. I almost can't take this weekend, because I had so many plans to be outside in the sunny garden! We'll make it, though! These unbearable winters make Pittsburghers tough!