Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Graduate

Today was Baby J's last day of preschool and there was a lovely little graduation ceremony. He was so pleased with himself and I couldn't have been more proud of him.

When he started in the fall, he just wanted to do his own thing. He wasn't interested in crafts (well, he was at home but they couldn't get him to participate there). He rarely used his words (despite having quite a few) to communicate his needs. His busy little bottom couldn't sit still for circle time. He was afraid to interact with his teachers and friends and he was not even close to being potty trained.

Boy, has he come a long way. He has met and surpassed all of those things that challenged him in the fall. When he left today (in dry underpants!), he gave each of his teachers a giant bear hug and was sad to leave his friends. Oh, and he asked to visit the potty before we left!

I am so grateful to the school and his teachers for providing an environment where he could grow and thrive - a special time and place just for him. He is more than ready to enter 2-day preschool in the fall if I'm not working yet and I'm sure that he is looking forward to it just as much as I am!

When he walked to get his certificate and bubbles(!), I couldn't help but be a little sad that my little boy is growing up. It was yet another reminder that these moments are fleeting and that I need to savor every little second, even the trying ones, with him. Before I know it, he'll be graduating high school and then college and then he'll be an independent adult living an independent life. I love Baby J with all my heart and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished in his first three years.

Well done, sweet boy and please, for your mother's sake, stop growing up too fast!


  1. Great job, little guy!! Those are some pretty hefty accomplishments! School has been amazing for us, too. Oh, wow, we've got preschool graduation in a few weeks, too!!!

  2. love the preschool graduation..amazing how much the kiddos have grown! now for summer! smiles Kim

  3. Thanks, Becca and Kim! I'm so glad we did this class. It's been so good for him - and nice for me to have a couple of hours with just one kid every week :O