Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love...

I love that the boys play together now. This is one of the many benefits of having children so close in age.

At times, they fight over toys. They push. They pull. They hit. They bite. I don't like that they do these things but they are brothers. It's normal. And I do my best to provide adequate, positive discipline. But I am just so happy that they are becoming the becoming the best of friends.

They have different abilities and different interests but they always find something that they can have fun doing together. Like hanging out in a laundry basket.

I love that they are brothers and buddies. 

I love that they are built-in playmates and that they are learning from each other. 

I love that they imitate each other and try to one-up each other in cuteness - it's not possible, for the record - they are both excruciatingly cute.

I love that they fill my house and my life with squeals, laughter and love.


  1. You just made me miss when my boys were young :( Now they are 15 and 16 and those "best buddy" days are few and far between BUT I know that someday they will have that bond back. Enjoy every squeal and all the laughter, I know I did...I still smile like crazy when they are getting along :)

  2. Noel, Time goes by so fast!!! I'm trying to enjoy every moment - even the challenging ones!