Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mother's Day and I had an egg for breakfast

This is a picture of Baby J and Bean. My sons. Because of them, I get to celebrate Mother's Day as, well, a mother.

How did I celebrate? Well, Baby J greeted me this morning a big grin and a sheepish, "happy mudder's day, mommy" and Bean followed me around with a sweet smile and lots of hugs and giggles. Husband treated me to a Amazon gift card (yay!) and I had an egg for breakfast.

The egg is a big milestone for us. You may recall that Bean has a number of food protein intolerances and as a result, I have drastically limited my diet so that I can nurse him. Egg is one of the foods that I eliminated. 

But it's time for me to start introducing more foods in to my diet and, eventually, in to Bean's diet. You may remember that we trialed almonds and passed a few weeks ago. Eggs are next on the agenda.

A couple of days ago, both Bean and I started on otherwise allergy-friendly commercially prepared foods that have egg baked in. We went that route because commercially prepared foods are cooked at a higher temp, rendering the food safer and making a reaction much less likely. And he didn't react. So now it's time to try eggs directly. Well, I am trying them first and if he doesn't react to the traces of egg protein in my milk, then we will try it directly in his diet. The last time we tried egg, he had a very strong gastro reaction within a few hours so I'm expecting to see something soon if it's going to be a problem. We need to give it a full week before considering it a pass but so far, so good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

It's incredibly important to me that I get more sources of nutrition in to Bean's diet so that he can be healthier, gain more weight and get the nutrition he needs. And today was the best day to take this leap. The best Mother's Day gift, after all, is to have healthy, happy children.


Today is also special because it is the start of Williams Syndrome Awareness week. Families across the country are participating in walks, fundraisers and various other events. We will be walking with other local families on May 21 in North Park. You can find info here. We would love to see you there. If you are not able to make it, please consider a contribution to the Williams Syndrome Association in honor of sweet Bean and all individuals affected by Williams syndrome.

Also, in a personal effort to raise awareness this week, I will be doing a post a day about some of the characteristics associated with Williams syndrome. I hope you will follow the series!


  1. You are an awesome Mama. I hope the egg tasted great going down, and that you get to continue enjoying them!

  2. Thanks, Shan! It's amazing, I never even really liked egg before but it tastes great since it's been so long!