Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Time

So, I took a break from writing for a few days. I didn't intend to but we got very busy with Memorial Day weekend festivities and when I turned on my laptop this morning (no, I didn't turn it on all weekend!) I realized that the internet was down. But it's back. And so am I.

We had a great weekend. There was no therapy. There were no doctor appointments. There was only family, friends and fun.

On Saturday, we went to a wedding for two wonderful friends. The boys joined us for the ceremony and luncheon.

They behaved. Kind of. They were quiet in church but did not stop moving. At all. Baby J made us take him to the potty 4 (yes, 4!) times during the ceremony - like we would say "no" - and Bean rolled, crawled, walked and played in the pew. We weren't the only ones, though. We were seated in the back (thank goodness!) near other kids so we did not stand out too much.

After the ceremony, we got some fresh air while we waited for the luncheon to start. Baby J shed some of his energy by running around in the grass.

They were reasonably well behaved during the luncheon, too. They didn't eat much but Bean enjoyed "talking" with everyone and Baby J ran around, chased the other kids and danced to the dinner music.

They were worn out by the time we got home and napped until 6:00! That worked out for the best because Nani and Pappy were coming to spend the night with the boys while husband joined the bride, groom and friends for the grown-up portion of the celebration and the kids were up for a fun night of play and adventure with their grandparents. 

That's right. Husband and I actually carved out some time to do something WITHOUT the kids! I was incredibly nervous because this was the first time I have ever been away from Bean at bedtime.  But he did great! He actually fell asleep for my mother and when he woke up, she was able to soothe him back to sleep. We were home around mid night but he didn't wake up again to eat until 1:30 - a great night for him! Husband and I will have to create more opportunities to get away for a bit in the future. It was so much fun to see old friends and be able to have conversations without having to chase the dudes.

On Sunday, we hung out around the house and then went to a friend's annual Memorial Day picnic. The boys had a great time. Baby J ran from the moment he got to the park until we headed home. 

He stopped, drenched in sweat, for brief snacks before continuing to, as he says, "play, play, play. all the time." Bean discovered a love for the slide. He climbed up (yes, up - he wasn't real interested in sliding down) the slide over and over and over. He also enjoyed some quality time just hanging out.

Today, we are back to the wonderful world of physical therapy and occupational therapy but I am so happy that we were able to enjoy such a normal - whatever that is - weekend. We had a wonderful time with family and friends and are looking forward to making more time for similar celebrations all summer long.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Adult-only time is so necessary and wonderful. Glad you had that.

  2. what a ROCK'n great weekend...life gets so busy!! but it is good busy...love the pix to cute...smiles