Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ENT, Audiology and the Sniffles

Bean has recently discovered that he likes sitting in waiting room chairs when we go to doctor appointments. Here he is at one of his many appointments over the last week. He cries and whines and screams to be let out of his stroller so he can climb (with some help) on to a chair. Then he sits there and hams it up like the big boy he is.

Too bad that good mood doesn't last for the duration of his appointments.

We concluded phase 1 of our summer hospital tour this week with a visit to the ENT and Audologist on Monday. I almost rescheduled the appointment because he picked up a cold at one of his appointments last week (I'm pretty sure it was the developmental ped appointment because they had him playing with a bunch of their toys and of course EVERYTHING - except food - goes in his mouth). I was worried that the hearing test would be invalid because of the congestion but decided to keep the appointment because it was a hard one to get and I didn't want to wait for another opening.

The morning started out fine. Baby J stayed home with Husband (he took the day off for his birthday and some family fun!). Bean was excited to be at the hospital (yes, excited) and play with the toys and various activities. He did ok through the vitals again - we got a second confirming weight of 22 lbs!!! Then, we went to the exam room. He didn't want to sit in the stroller or on my lap. He wanted to explore the room. Which was fine until the doctor came in. At that time, Bean went nuts. He really doesn't enjoy being poked and prodded so they got the exam over quickly. In short, his ears, nose and throat look good. His tonsils were slightly enlarged which might be explained by his cold - or that just may be the way they are and possibly cause his snoring - but not enough to concern the doctor. We are going to keep an eye on the snoring and go back for another sleep study  if it gets worse.

I used the compression vest to help him settle down and it worked great, for the most part, for his hearing test. They were able to do a double ear test but he would not tolerate them putting something in his ears for the single ear test. Thankfully, they were able to get enough information to ascertain that his hearing is in the normal range. I was told they are not able to test for hypersensitive hearing (hyperacusis) at his age. So, we follow up in a year for another test because hearing problems can come up for people with Williams syndrome.

So, all good news and no more appointments until mid-July when we go back to GI (unless they can get us in sooner) and his diagnostic referral physician. And that's a good thing because he shared his cold with his brother and daddy. Fortunately, I'm still healthy.

Baby J was pretty miserable yesterday. I knew he wasn't feeling well because he actually layed on the couch and watched TV for over an hour AND took a nap without a battle. That never happens!

Forgive the super grainy phone pics but that's what I had with me yesterday.

There's still some coughs, sniffles and sneezes but fortunately, everyone seems to me much better today.


  1. Glad the appts went well! I love reading your posts, your boys are adorable. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm really enjoying yours, too!!!

  3. Ugh! Summer colds suck! Hoping everyone has continued to recover... and that you've stayed well!