Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Don't let this picture fool you. Bean doesn't eat. He's never been a good eater and he eats very small amounts when he does eat. But lately, it's been worse than usual. Bean has been on an on-again off-again hunger strike for the last two weeks. This week, he is on again. He hasn't eaten anything but breast milk, puffs, veggie straws and coconut milk yogurt for the last four days. I'm at a loss for what to do next.

The strike started when he was working on a tooth but I think his motivation has shifted. He is a big boy now and has decided he is O.V.E.R. purees. He enjoys feeding himself (finally!) but the only finger foods he likes or will tolerate are crunchy meltables like puffs and veggie straws. We've tried cutting up small pieces of everything and anything. That just offends him and makes him stop eating entirely.

All kids go though a stage where they are ready for big kid food but they don't eat enough to sustain them. Most parents can fill the gap with purees and milk/formula. Not Bean. This stage is especially pronounced for him and other kids with oral/feeding aversions as is common with Williams syndrome and is taking him a good amount of time to learn to deal with texture.

His therapists aren't sure what to do other than wait it out. That's easier said than done because he is up all night long - even worse than usual - wanting to nurse.

So, WS mommies and moms to picky/challenging eaters...any tips/tricks/hints? This mom is tired and I'll try anything!


Oh, and speaking of food - for those that are keeping track - fish seems to be a pass. I got the green light to try shellfish in my diet (not Bean's) next. Just in time for summer. Yay!


  1. Dallin is in a similar stage where he's decided he's a "big boy." He wants to feed himself and won't eat purees. We've been giving him "almost" puree consistency things like refried beans and mashed potatoes. He's a social eater (what a shocker with WS!) and he eats better when we are eating with him at the same time. And it helps if he's eating the same food as us. He won't let us spoon feed him, so we give it to him on his tray with a spoon and let him go at it. He ends up eating most of the food with his hands, but he's learning how to use a spoon a little better and self feeds a few bites. He makes a BIG mess every meal, but at least he's eating it and gaining weight. That's the ultimate goal! Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Sheri! Sounds like Dallin (have I told you how much I love his name?) is a bit ahead on textures. My guy will still only do crunchy or yogurt - we're working towards more self feeding - so I really appreciate your suggestions! Oh, and yeah, social meals go over MUCH better than eating on his own. Go figure ;)

  3. Kieran is just coming off a strike which started after his sedated echo a few weeks ago. So frustrating--I feel your pain.... Would he eat avocado? That's a staple with K. I've used a mirror with him before -- he likes to watch himself eat. Also showing a favorite video seems to help him eat more, and we sing A LOT while he eats. :o) Would he enjoy dipping his puffs in something caloric? Kieran likes dipping chips in salsa, dipping crackers in milk, etc. Hope this phase passes soon for you.

  4. Thanks so much. Avocado is a no-go here and we haven't had success with dipping yet - but I LOVE the mirror idea! Will be trying that at our next meal!