Thursday, July 7, 2011

Earmuffs in July

I took a little break from the whole blogging/facebook/twitter thing for a couple of days but I'm back!

Last weekend, we visited my family for the 4th of July. The fourth is my grandmother's birthday, so we go for a family cookout every year to celebrate.

The drive went well - with the exception that neither kid slept. That's nothing new for Baby J but Bean usually sleeps. I think he's just getting more and more interested in what his brother is doing, so naps are not a priority for him. 

We got there around four on Saturday and just took it easy until it was time to go out to dinner.

Yes! I actually got to go to a restaurant AND eat there! My mother knows the chef so she arranged for an allergy friendly meal for me. It was pretty darn good!

I was glad that we decided to feed the kids before we went to dinner because Baby J refused to even taste the pizza he begged for and Bean just nibbled on his crunchies. 

Despite being tired from missing his nap, Baby J was in a good mood. Bean was a different story. He was irritable and overstimulated. He didn't want to sit in his booster and wanted to run all around the restaurant.

Eventually, I decided to try his new noise reducing earmuffs since it was noisy and busy. I bought them last week from Amazon last week because I am noticing more and more how much noise is bothering him. (Hyperacusis is a common trait of Williams syndrome). Anyway, the second I put them on, his face transformed from a grimace to a brilliant smile. He experimented with taking them off and putting them on and he got the hugest smile each and every time he put them on. He was able to calm down and hang out with the family for the duration of the meal. These things are seriously amazing and he looks like a little rock star when he has them on.

The kids crashed as soon as we got back to my mother's and Bean slept in the next morning.

Sunday, we spent the day at my grandmother's house for the birthday/4th party. 

Baby J spent the day in the pool with his cousin and pappy. He had the best time and is still talking about it. 

I was surprised that Bean wasn't interested in the pool. I think the water was too cold, and again, it was too noisy for him. Husband held him in the pool and Bean was fine as long as he didn't actually touch the water. When we were sitting around the pool, I decided to try the earmuffs again. And again, they worked like a charm. I am absolutely in love with these things and won't go anywhere without them, now.

We drove back on Monday. Baby J was sad to leave but is now looking forward to our (extended) family beach vacation in two weeks. The whole family will be there (like 20 people!) and he will love every second of it. Bean will enjoy the crowd, too but you better believe I'll be bringing the earmuffs along!


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Oh, and one more thing. My camera died. Insert sad face here. So, for now, any pics will be grainy iPhone pics. Not to worry, though. I have a new camera on the way. It shipped yesterday. Hooray! It's nothing fancy. I'm not a photographer in any shape or form. But it's nicer than my previous one and I'm excited for it to arrive. I'm sure I'll be doing lots of experimenting with it and will be posting lots of pics soon!


  1. I love the noise-reducing earmuffs!! I should definitely look into getting a pair for Samantha for those occasions when she gets upset by noises (like fireworks, singing happy birthday at a party, etc.). Glad to know they work. :-)

  2. They are awesome and I'm sure they would help with those birthday song moments! I got them from amazon for $12. :)

  3. I had some (I'm sure brilliant) comment, but I was side-tracked by the birthday singing comments... Mad had a very hard time with that until her friend's birthday party in January. It never would have occurred to me to get her earmuffs to help with that. (Note to self... begin to ask yourself "WWHD?" when such issues arise and maybe you'll also look like a freaking genius!)

  4. My son has the same pair! I'm actually getting some for my girl too (pink, of course). Those things are worth their weight in gold!