Friday, July 8, 2011

Eating My Words

I'll never do that.

I can't tell you how many times those words have come out of my mouth. But I can pretty much guarantee that each time they have, I've had to eat my words.

I'll never get married.


I'll never have kids.

Double check.

I'll never let my kids do that/behave that way/get away with that.

Triple check.

And those are just a few.

My most recent I'll never/eat my words moment came to fruition this week. You see, we've needed a bigger car for some time now. I've been driving a Jetta for the past six years and while I loved it (really, really loved it), it just wasn't cutting it anymore. I always said that I would never, never, never buy an SUV - or even worse, a loser cruiser mini van. But, something had to give. And yes, you guessed it. Husband and I traded in my Jetta this past Tuesday and bought a - wait for it - loser cruiser mini van.

Ultimately, we decided we wanted a third row and SUV's that we liked were just not in our budget on a single income. We ended up with a Town & Country and because of the awesome deal we got on my trade in and Husband's work/employee benefit/discount, we were able to get a model with the bells and whistles I was use to in my Jetta (Heated seats. I'm obsessed with heated seats.) Plus, we were able to get some other great features like electronic-open side doors (Can I just say I LOVE the automatic sliding doors?!?!) and lift gate (Baby J calls them robot doors - so cute!), a back up camera and a hard drive for music.

Baby J is absolutely in love with his new car (and all of the buttons and gadgets) and Bean is enjoying the space (and distance from his grabby brother). We did have a brief period of Bean fussing incessantly until we figured out that he doesn't like having his own little vent blowing air directly on him. But that was easily resolved.

I do miss my fun Jetta a bit, but I am now over the I'll never element and like all of my other eat my words moments, I'm ready to embrace and be excited about this new level of comfort, convenience, space, and even uncoolness of my fancy new loser cruiser mini van.

How about you? Tell me about a time you've had to eat your words...


  1. you have arrived!! mini van!! I thought I would never own one...and yet we went and looked at some also...we are so out of room in the honda hybrid...hard to get out of the car with GREAT gas mileage into the van or suv! and for some reason I am still holding on to my youth and I think the bigger the car the more grown up I must be!! silly...great looking van!! and what a great ride for long trips!! smiles

  2. Ha! I've been fighting giving up my Jetta, too! The lack of space for two cars seats is pushing me in that direction, though. Seth has found a few bigger cars that I *might* be interested in considering, but . . . . :o)

    I can't think of any "I'll never" statements at the moment, although I'm sure I've made plenty of them. ;o)

  3. Oh no, you've gone to the dark side!

    (Okay, fine... everyone who gets one LOVES them. I get it. But gold minivans plagued my pregnancy dreams. Multiple times. Crappy gold minivans, with none of the bells and whistles, but all of the squeaks and creaks. *shudder*)