Friday, July 1, 2011


Bean did the cutest thing today. Ok, well, he did a lot of cute things but one action was especially heart warming.

After his nap, Bean was climbing all over Husband playing like a cute little monkey. He (accidentally, obviously) hurt Husband. When husband vocalized the pain, Bean stopped, rubbed Husband's face and smiled at him.

We recreated the scenario to see if Bean would respond the same way or if it was just a fluke. When Husband started fake crying, Bean stopped playing and gave his daddy a hug!

I guess that amazing empathy that is characteristic to Williams syndrome is beginning to emerge.

If you are interested, I wrote about personality traits characteristic to Williams syndrome here.

Bean is such a sweet little guy and it's so exciting to watch his development and the emergence of his amazing personality!


  1. That's adorable!! When Colt hurts us, he just laughs :P

  2. I can totally relate to your post tonight!! I LOVE watching all the awesome traits that Sophie has been showing off is such a great feeling to watch your child turn into a little person, and amazing little person I might add. ;) Thanks for sharing, your sweet little bean!!

  3. Ruth, that's hilarious! My three year old was the same way until just recently!

    Erin, soooo much fun to watch.

  4. that is awesome..I think empathy is MUST cool Bean already has it...smiles

  5. What a lovely story. My boy (he doesn't have Williams syndrome) didn't really understand empathy until he was well into his teens. Nowadays he's the most compassionate caring person I know.

  6. Yes, such a sweet story. And it is so interesting that empathy is a trait of Williams Syndrome.