Monday, July 11, 2011

Who is this kid?

Last week, when I took the kids to the grocery store, Baby J noticed the veggie trays and begged me to buy one. 

Who is he?

This is the kid that is a junk food connoisseur. He begs to go through any drive through he sees, even if he just ate a fulll meal. 

This is the kid that, early on, would not consume a vegetable to save his life. I had to hide veggies any way I could and came up with some magically healthy creations like oatmeal, applesauce, zucchini, carrot, raisin muffins and hamburgers with tons of shredded veggies mixed in. 

What I eventually came to realize was that he just doesn't care for cooked vegetables - except corn (the kid is obsessed with corn). Any time he sees me cutting veggies for meals, he asks for some. Raw. This kid likes his veggies raw. And that's great - even healthier!

So, when Baby J asked for the veggie tray, I happily obliged. The fact that it was on sale for $1.99 only sweetened the deal. Actually, if it wasn't on sale, I would have just bought the veggies and made my own tray, but I digress...

For the last few days, at each snack time, he asked for some of his "special snack" and I was thrilled to give him a snack that I thought was pretty special, too!


  1. that is awesome!! I cannot wait for Max and Maddie to request veggies! I can see we have hope! smiles

  2. That's great that he'll eat the veggies raw!! I keep a veggie "tray" out all the time & we have salads for dinner. My kids eat spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, beets, asparagus and all sorts of other veggies. I "try" not to push the kids to eat them, but we do encourage them to try at least a bite. <3

  3. That's great! I've always much preferred raw veggies to cooked so I know just how he feels. Paul's the opposite - give him any cooked vegetable and he'll eat it but he'll fun a mile from anything raw, unless it's lettuce.

  4. I'm with him! On raw veggies and corn in general.