Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Really? Really?!?! Ugh! I mean, come on!

Last week, I mentioned that I finally worked up the nerve to request a new PT for Bean. When the service coordinator came to do Bean's evaluation, she told me that she already talked to his old PT's supervisor and acquired the new PT. I confirmed that the old PT would NOT be coming again so as to avoid an awkward situation, that everything was taken care of and I didn't have to lift a finger.

Fast forward to today.

Tuesday is our usual PT day. She use to come in the morning. Because I am a wimp had a strange feeling, I insisted that we had to be out of the house just in case there was a mix up and the old PT showed up.

So, my mother and I piled in the car with the boys and planned to run to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, pick up Baby J's physical form at his pediatrician's office and drop it off at his preschool.

Shortly after we got in the car, we decided to drop something off at my husband's office. Not a big deal. It's in town and I've driven there 8,365 times. Except that I forgot about construction and ramp closures. So, I took a wrong turn. Three times. In a city that I have lived and commuted in for 16 years. A drive that should have taken 10 minutes took 45 minutes.

Here's what happened.

Right after taking the first wrong turn and trying to decide which way to go next, my phone rang. It was Bean's old PT. Because I am a wimp was driving, I didn't answer. Instead, I waited for the message. She was at the house and wondered where I was, did I forget about our appointment, and would I please call her as soon as I got her message.

Apparently she didn't get the memo that we had requested a new PT. Here, I had been stressing all weekend that I had hurt her feelings and she didn't even know!

But because I am a wimp was driving, I didn't return her call. Instead, I called the service coordinator to find out what the heck was going on. Um, yeah, that driving thing isn't such a good excuse after all. I was hands-free, I promise!

She didn't answer. I had to leave a message and because I was freaking out confused, I missed two more turns, while talking, and sounded like a blubbering idiot. Oh, and yeah, Baby J was screaming at me to stop at every stop sign/light because he recently discovered traffic signs and their meaning.

We managed to get everything done, even though it took forever. But the service coordinator hadn't returned my call by the time we got home (1.5 hours after I left a message). So, because I was still freaking out am thorough, I called again. VM again.

I have never missed an appointment. If something comes up, I ALWAYS cancel/reschedule with as much notice as possible. The fact that the old PT thinks I just didn't show up really bothered me and because, well, I'm too wimpy to call her myself, I really wanted to talk to the coordinator and get to the bottom of the situation. This time, I sounded more put together on my message.

I took the kids upstairs for their nap and Baby J, of course, refused to sleep despite being tired and whiny. Bean did sleep. But not for long because his brother woke him up. So we went back downstairs to play.

As of now, I haven't received a response from the service coordinator. I am starting to wonder if I am crazy and I only imagined that I had the conversation with her. I am seriously sleep-deprived, after all. But no. My husband was here at the time and overheard me and I have a note here with the new PT's name and number.

And speaking of the new PT, she's supposed to be here, oh, right now. And she's not. Maybe she's just running a little late but given the kind of day I had, I'm betting on a "no show."


Update: I finally heard back from the service coordinator. She was in meetings and training all day. Anyway, she felt horrible about the mix up. Apparently, she had done her part and the old PT's supervisor hadn't notified her yet. The service coordinator is going to fix the problem and after the PT hears from her supervisor, the service coordinator is going to talk with the old PT and let her know how bad I felt and how much I really liked her personally but I just really felt the need to go a different direction.

As for the new PT, I guess something went wrong with the referral process and she just got the referral today. So, I should be hearing from her tonight or tomorrow to schedule. I scheduled today's appointment tentatively on Friday with the service coordinator. So, we'll see what happens.


  1. Oh, how frustrating!!!! I'm wimpy like that, too, but you definitely did the right thing to request a new PT when the old one just wasn't working out.

    Samantha is my little back seat driver, too, telling me when to go and when to stop. LOL

  2. Becca, It's so strange! I was always able to handle tough conversations fine at work but when it comes to my personal life, I'm a big chicken! I hate confrontation and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...

    LOL for our little back seat drivers ;)

  3. awkward...boy this is crazy!! I would be really freaked out...I am so not good with confrontation...and when it is with someone I do not to hurt...it is really stressful...so glad everything was taken care of!! maybe you can sleep tonight...smiles

  4. Oh, man! Glad it's getting sorted out, but yikes!