Monday, August 8, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

We got back from our family vacation last Tuesday and, if you can believe it, this is the first time I've turned my computer on since BEFORE we left! We've been busy with doctor appointments and therapy sessions and are just finally getting settled in.

The Husband and I enjoyed our vacation. I enjoyed being able to actually eat in restaurants now that we've added more foods back in to my diet - more on that in a future post. 

Baby J was beyond thrilled with the beach and having lots of cousins to follow pal around with. 

Bean, on the other hand, had a really hard time being away from home. I expected him to have sensory issues with the beach because he has an intense dislike for sand, sun and wind (yikes!) but I thought he'd love being around the family and hanging out in the condo. Instead, he got extremely clingy the minute we got there and wouldn't go to anybody but me the entire week - not my husband, not my mother, only me. So needless to say, I was exhausted. 

He disliked being on the beach as much as I expected.

He was at his best when he was inside with just me, in the quiet.

He liked talking to himself in the mirror as long as I was close by.

In contrast, his brother was impatient to get to the beach each morning.

Oddly (but mercifully), both kids did well at outdoor restaurants with the help of the DVD player.

We went to my mother's house for a couple of days for the fair parade. I thought that Bean would settle down there since he has been there many times and usually loves it. I thought wrong. It was so bad that I was getting ready to call the doctor because I thought he must be sick. Again, I thought wrong.

The minute we came though our door last Tuesday, Bean went straight to his toy box and was back to the sweet, little boy we know and love. 


  1. Vacations are tricky!! We haven't (yet) taken Colt on a vacation with us. Glad you had fun and got some sun!

    LOVE this pic of Bean in the mirror! <3

  2. Man, they keep ya hopping, don't they?

    On a "misery loves company" sort of note, Fynn has been equally clingy since the start of our vacation. Only, we came home and have had two Chinese exchange students staying with us and hosted two parties. I hope to have my arms back after our visitors leave in 10 days.

    Adorable pictures!

  3. Those beach pictures of Bean are great, you can really see the gorgeous stellate pattern in his eyes! The pic of him in the mirror just melts me. I actually said "Awwww!" out loud, to no one in the room. :-)